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Chengggg has started a donation pool!
1,187 / 2,000

I'm saving for a premium membership so would you be so kind help me out? I'd really really appreciate it if you do so!
I can draw anything you want exept:
:bulletred: Too difficult things (like mecha)
:bulletred: Very mature things (no hentai/very ecchi)
:bulletred: Yuri/Yaoi/Incest
:bulletred: Couples I don't ship.
:bulletred: Crossovers
:bulletred: Crack ships / Random couples that make no sense (like Sting x Juvia) or your OC kissing or in any couple pose with an anime character.
:bulletred: And last but not least, I ONLY draw Lucy with NATSU ughh since some don't understand

~ The only crack ships I'll draw are: Nnoitra x Nelliel, Levi x Mikasa etc. but you can always ask if I'll draw the couple you're shipping.

:bulletgreen:Normal commissions:
~ Detailed sketch, black&grey tinted = $7 / 560:points:
~ Line-art, simple coloring = $10 / 800:points:
~ Line-art, normal coloring = $15 / 1200:points:
~ Line-art, detailed coloring = $20 / 1600:points:

:bulletgreen:Chibi commissions:
~ Detailed sketch, black&grey tinted = $4 / 320:points:
~ Line-art, simple coloring = $6 / 480:points:
~ Line-art, normal coloring = $10 / 800:points:
~ Line-art, detailed coloring = $13 / 1040:points:

:bulletorange:Simple backgrounds are included, so if such a background is desired, you have to put that in the note.
If a more difficult one is desired, you have to pay more points depending on the difficulty + $1-3 / 80-240:points:

:bulletorange:Up to 2 characters is for free, for each extra char means + $2 / 160:points:
For a fullbody of ONE characters + $1 / 80:points:

Detailed sketch >…
Simple coloring >…
Normal coloring >…
Detailed coloring >…
Just send me a note with all the details.
I'll also send you one when I'm done with your commission.


:damphyr: Next Commissions, paid (June 2015):

:star: Mistersev7en: Roy Mustang vs Scar
:star: Bro24/FreyaDreyar: FT OCs Duncan x Freya
:star: Kristinaelyse: OCs Lily and Andresh
:star: Magnet5oup: OCs Ozzy&Kai
:star-empty: Magnet5oup: OCs Ozzy&Kai
:star-empty: Doxyfan101: OC, Character with ears (neko neko)
:star-half: Shenira: Fairy Tail OCs Deva x Tyler, festival :bulletpink:
:star-empty: AkatsukiSaku-chan: OCs Kaoru x Akari x Jun
:star-empty: AkatsukiSaku-chan: OCs Hiroki x Akari x Nozomu
:star-empty: AkatsukiSaku-chan: OCs Satan x Akari
:star-empty: Sofia-1989: OC ice vampire Rach
:star-empty: Beione: OCs Kurusa x Nightmare
:star-empty: Beione: OCs Chun x Sun
:star-empty: Beione: FT OC and Laxus fighting pose
:bulletpink: = brainstorming & sketching
:bulletpurple: = line-art
:bulletblue: = colouring
:star-half: = planning to do
:star: = finished

:bulletblue: STATUS: On hiatus due to my school beginning again.. Can't draw probably 'till next year june 2015. Then I'll continue with everything ~ (Things turned out different than I had in mind with all the weeks and me being slow with drawing nd such, sorry for that orz)

EDIT: It seems that I'm allowed to draw now and then, so there will be times that I can upload a drawing ^^

On hold:
~ Commissions
~ Last 3 Nalu prompts
~ FT requests (8 to go)
~ Jerza, Gruvia, Koutaba, Shishio Week prompts (I'm always late OTL)

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Chengggg's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I post all my sketches, doodles, previews, thoughts etc from now on tumblr:

WIP's and Linearts are on my Facebook artpage:…

Ooooiiii minna,
Let me introduce myself a little bit!

I'm Myra, a 19 year-old-girl, who seriously loves to draw. It's my passion, so I could draw all day if I wanted to.

I grew up with three brothers 'till I turned 4, so I'm a bit of a tomboy~ Love to game, especially adventure&fight games. Don't wear make-up cuz I don't feel comfortable when I do lol.
Just want to rub my face whenever I want to :iconnatsuheheplz:

Now I also have three cute lil sisters :iconlalalaplz: And I love teasing them fufu~

Like to draw all kinds of creatures. That's why I love fantasy so much <3 The most crazy things you can think can bring them all to life with just one pencil haha. What captures me the most are special light effects that others use in their draws and night scenes, so I'm trying to make use of that as well in my drawing style.

My fav. animals are Pandas, Red Pandas <3 and Fishiess (love koi fish <3)

When I began to watch Fairy Tail, I fell in love with the characters. Especially Natsu and Lucy. I love their personalities and their cute smiles. They look so lovely together.. I'm touched by their strong bond, and the moments they have together...
so many feels <3 Explains why I'm obsessed with drawing them.

I also fell in love FMAB! The story was so fascinating and the characters... Edward, Alphonse and Winry... everyone! I'm just speechless.. much much love for this anime :love: Edwin is just one of the most beautiful pairings in anime :heart:
His smile makes me happy btw, just too adorable..<3

So my fav pairings :iconloveloveplz: are:
- Nalu :heart: (though I don't mind Graylu draws)
- Edwin is WIN <333 >w<
- Chunchun&Shishio <3333 :la:

I also love:
- The other FT pairings: Jerza, Gruvia (But I also like Lyon&Juvia), Gajevy (Elfman&Evergreen also)
- A lot of pairings in Shoujo manga like Kou&Futaba, Ren&Ninako, Tsubaki&Kyouta, Akifumi&Chiemi
- The studio Ghibli pairings <33 especially Howl&Sophie and San&Ashitaka
- A lot of other pairs: Minato&Kushina, Naruto&Sakura (don't mind Sasuke&Sakura fufu) Kirito&Asuna, Otani&Koizumi etc etc etc

As much as I love FT and FMA, my fav anime of all time stays Naruto. I love his character developement and his strong bond with Sasuke and his parents. Anime quality is very nice, soundtracks are always awesome! In the games as well <3 And of course Naruto's voice actor and everyone else's are really amazing. Especially of Naruto. Takeuchi Junko really knows how to touch me with her voice <3 !

To improve myself I look a lot at other drawings and tutorials are also a lot of help. It's a wonderful thing that great artists want to help others improve their drawing skills by making all sorts of tutorials :love:

I will do my best to improve my drawing skills.., with all the patience I'll be working myself to the top :squee:
Soooo stay tuned! ^-^

DA from my three little sisters, who also draw FT so be sure to check them out!:
:iconniyume: :iconnakoi: :iconemihoshi:

Mangakas who inspire me:
Shoujo - Sakisaka Io, Yamamori Mika, Shimaki Ako, Minami Kanan, Ikeyamada Go, Shizuru Seino, Aikawa Saki, Shiraishi Yuki, Nakahara Aya, Kawahara Kazune, Tanaka Meka etc

Shounen- Masashi Kishimoto, Kamijyo Akimine, Seishi Kishimoto, Mashima Hiro, Kubo Tite etc

Seinen - Ishida Sui

Great artists on DA who inspire me! (Not in order)
Rusky-Boz is also one of them, but she deactivated her account.

Special thanks to you all who support me and for the people who gave me llamas! :iconmonkeyloveplz: I see the llamas as a sort of rank :).

:bulletgreen: Currently watching:
- Ao no Exorcist > on hold
- Free! S2 - Eternal Summer >> finished
- Tokyo Ghoul >> finished
- Kyoukai no Kanata >> finished
- Haikyuu!! >> finished

:bulletorange: Shoujo Mangas, currently reading:
- Ao Haru Ride
- Hirunaka no Ryuusei
- Skip Beat! >> on hold
- Ookami Shoujo to Kuroi Ouji
- Kamisama Hajimemashita >> on hold
- Jun'ai Tokkou Taichou
- Sukitte Ii na yo >> on hold
- Suki desu Suzuki-kun
- Watashi ni XX Shinasai
- Hibi Chouchou >> on hold
- Heroine Shikkaku >> finished

:bulletorange: Shoujomangas going to read:
- Black Mansion

EDIT: 27 sep '13
Hey guys, lately I've been added to people's watch a lot, and it is too much for me to thank everyone individually so with this comment I want to thank everyone who has watched me! I really appreciate it, the support! :iconhappytearsplz::heart:

I've got Paypal now as I've mentioned before, so I'm going to do Paypal commissions as well! 
It's for the effort I put in those commissions

That's why I also should edit my pointprices here on dA as well so that the prices will be the same.
For the points I used the points calculator…

These will be the new prices:

Normal commissions:
~ Detailed sketch, black&grey tinted = $7 / 560:points:
~ Line-art, simple 
coloring = $10 / 800:points:
~ Line-art, normal coloring = $15 / 1200:points:
~ Line-art, detailed coloring = $20 / 1600:points:

Chibi commissions:
~ Detailed sketch, black&grey tinted = $4 / 320:points:
~ Line-art, simple coloring = $6 / 480:points:
~ Line-art, normal coloring = $10 / 800:points:
~ Line-art, detailed coloring = $13 / 1040:points:

 Simple backgrounds are included, so if such a background is desired, you have to put that in the note.
If a more difficult one is desired, you have to pay more points depending on the difficulty + $1-3 / 80-240 
plus point 

Up to 2 characters is for free, for each extra char means + $2 / 160plus point 
For a fullbody of ONE character + $1 / 80plus point 



Same commission rules.
(Now and then I do take FT & Shoujo chibi requests on tumblr when I feel like it)

La jumping in Points 
Since I'm already closed, I thought might as well change it now.
These are the prices, for a long time :)


 I'm going on vacation on the 16th of July for two weeks. In that time I won't be drawing digital.

  • Mood: Cheerful

Journal History


HQWeek - We will fly again by Chengggg
HQWeek - We will fly again
~ HaikyuuWeek,  Day 5: Captain

Of course I thought of Daichi when I saw this prompt and I had two options: draw him alone or with the team where I can show that he is the captain. Well, I didn't want to draw everybody in Karasuno (would've taken me way too long) and since I already had this epic idea for Daichi alone I just sticked with that :D
Here I wanted to give him that captain feel: him being all confident with those big black wings, ready to fly and show the others how to as well~
I used perspective here, because that has way more impact!

This will be the last one for now, due to me having tests, but I'll be able to continue next week on friday even tho the week will be over by then. I still want to finish it of course! The only prompts remaining are Combo and AU (and my own Rivals prompt as bonus). It's obvious who I'll draw for Combo, but for the AU I will draw everyone in Karasuno in stylish clothes :iconhurrrplz::heart:

Previews I'll be sure to put on tumblr
Tumblr >
Facebook >…
HQWeek - Together on the court by Chengggg
HQWeek - Together on the court
~ HaikyuuWeek, Day 4: Position

First I had no idea what to draw for this prompt, so I had in mind to change it to Rivals, but someone I know encouraged me to not give up that easily and there a good idea came flying to mehh. So the Rival prompt I'll do as bonus ^^

Here in this one I wanted to draw this peaceful competition between them, since they're both setters from the same team who want to be on the court.
Actually, all the titles I've given to the HQarts give away what I wanted to draw :iconmonkeyshyplz:
Personally I really love how this turned out with the all the soft colors :heart:

Tumblr >
Facebook >…
HQWeek - I got your back by Chengggg
HQWeek - I got your back
~ HaikyuuWeek, Day 3: All Star

When I think of All Star, Nishinoya is the only one that immediatly pops up in my mind since he, as a libero, kinda is the most important one in the team. He is the one to connect: not dropping the ball so the ace can go on. Noya especially gives confidence to Asahi and he is able to give that to the other team members as well!

I tried to draw him in a 'you can come at me with anything, I'll receive them all' pose and the blue lights are supposed to be his energy.

Tumblr >
Facebook >…
HQWeek - Uwaaa...this feeling! by Chengggg
HQWeek - Uwaaa...this feeling!
~ HaikyuuWeek, Day 2: MVP (Most Valuable Player)

When I looked at this prompt, I immediatly knew: Shoyo:heart:
From the first episode to the last, he was for me the most precious flower there.. so how can I not draw him with the thing he loves most *^*

aahh... getting feels here~
Tried to put that happiness into this draw.

Tumblr >
Facebook >…
HQWeek - To match your skills.. by Chengggg
HQWeek - To match your skills..
~ HaikyuuWeek, Day 1: First Serve

I actually took this one literally, didn't know it could also mean the beginning of something :P
But you can see it as the beginning of their fight, being the best Setter ^^
What I had in mind was Tobio working on his jump serve ~

Tumblr >
Facebook >…

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I don't know if I can finish the 6th one in time but I'll see~ I know the last one I won't since I want to draw whole Karasuno team there and that will surely take a lot of time. But I will finish it after the week then :P
I do have tests coming up so I'll have to study for those as well so it may take a bit longer 
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